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I first discovered the basic herbal recipe I use in Lavaggio Prima in an old leather-bound book about Italian Gypsies of years past. That was 40 years ago.

Since then, Lavaggio Prima herbal shampoos and hair treatments have been used by many. They’ve been effective for hair and scalp problems, such as balding, itching and dandruff. Others simply love the fact that they’re natural shampoos and conditioners with superior qualities. Some have been using Lavaggio for decades, including myself, making healthy hair a way of life.  

-Rich Greenfield

Meet our team

Happy people and pets, naturally.

rich greenfield

founder | botanist

Rich is the genius behind the brand. He created Lavaggio using an ancient Italian herbal formulation, updated with the mildest modern components. Photo circa 1970s,

ADORES: Scientific study. Herbal remedies. Folklore.

EMBRACES: Natural living. Kindness.

USES: All Lavaggio Prima products; choice depends on mood (he happens to have insider access)



Greeney was the driving force behind the creation of Lavaggio. Rich perfected his formulation to save her life in the mid-70s. It worked. Photo circa 1970s.

ADORED: Absolutely everything about life.

EMBRACED: The moment, every moment.

USED: The original Lavaggio Prima formulation that saved her skin, coat and life

Botanical Not chemical

Herbal hair treatments good for you, your pets, the earth.

safe + natural

Herbal treatments with key ingredients for happy, healthy hair.


Known to stimulate hair growth, prevent baldness, treat dandruff. ​

aloe vera

Hailed for ability to condition and improve dry, damaged hair.

essential oils

Herbal hair treatment staple for aromatic and beneficial effects.

How Lavaggio Prima was Born

Lavaggio Prima was born because Greeney was going to die.

Greeney was Rich Greenfield’s best friend back in the 1970s, one of those dogs you connect with on the deepest, most loving level. Rich’s heart broke when she developed a skin condition that was pretty much eating her alive from the inside out. 

The once-vibrant Greeney was no longer vibrant. Her skin got worse and worse. She was losing hair and covered with sores.

Rich tried everything he could think of to help alleviate the condition and restore Greeney to health. None of it worked.  

“The vet said there was nothing else we could do to help her,” Rich explained, “basically giving Greeney a death sentence.”

As an avid dog lover and knowledgeable botanist, Rich was not about to sit back and let that happen. Not without a fight. So he tapped into an ancient folkloric herbal recipe he had found in an old leather-book about Italian Gypsies of years past. It had ingredients known to promote healthy hair, scalp and skin. 

He made some modern adjustments, and then began bathing Greeney with the formulation regularly, hoping her skin condition would heal and her coat would begin to grow back.

They did. 

Greeny was soon restored to her vibrant, happy self. 

Rich immediately knew what he had to do. He began perfecting the recipe and sharing it with the world, making it part of his mission in life to pass along the magic of Lavaggio Prima.