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Lavender Shampoo: Relax Formula Herbal Shampoo


Our lavender shampoo is amazing for reviving and relaxing hair (and people!).

  • Revives
  • Deeply conditions
  • Relaxes curly hair
  • Detangles

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If you don’t think a shampoo can bring on a magical experience, you haven’t tried the Relax Formula Lavender Shampoo from Lavaggio Prima. Lavender flowers are the starring ingredient in this one, providing an uplifting, joyful scent while strengthening your hair.

Close your eyes and you may just be transported to a timeless place – a small grass beach, a clear blue lake, a gathering of large oak trees encircling a private garden of aromatic purple flowers. Open your eyes to stronger, more luxurious hair.

Like all Lavaggio Prima products, our lavender shampoo is based on an age-old botanical recipe passed down through the ages. Our Relax Formula contains lavender flower, aloe vera and lavender essential oil. Lavender shampoo available in quart, gallon and 5 gallon sizes.

  • Relax Formula suitable for all hair types
  • Botanical, not chemical
  • Cruelty free, no animal testing
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Free of chemical thickeners, clarifiers, dyes, scents and plastics

Combine with Lavaggio Prima herbal conditioner for optimum results.

Which Lavaggio Prima Herbal Hair Treatment Do I Pick?

You can’t go wrong with any of our herbal shampoos, although you may reap even bigger benefits from specific botanical formulas that meet specific needs.

What They All Do

All of our herbal shampoos have a thin viscosity, which brings dynamic results. All promote a healthy hair and scalp, and all have a unique, low-sudsing formula that needs to be applied directly to your hair from the dispenser bottle. All are gentle enough for daily use as a shampoo. You can also use any one of them as a hair and scalp treatment as well as an overnight hair treatment.

Specific Benefits of Lavender Shampoo 

Our lavender shampoo is amazing for reviving and relaxing hair (and people!).

  • Revives
  • Deeply conditions
  • Relaxes curly hair
  • Detangles

If these benefits sound just right for you, order your lavender shampoo today.

Free shipping.

Ships within continental U.S. only.

Gallon jugs, special orders and wholesale orders available. Contact us or call 602.491.3396.

Weight2 lbs

Quart 32 oz.


Purified water infused with lavender flower, aloe vera, potassium cocoate soap, alpha olefin sulfonate, lavender essential oil.


Pour directly onto the hair, not in your hands, to ensure proper lathering. You may pour a small amount into a cup and then onto your hair, or put a portion of the shampoo in a squirt bottle for even easier application.

Once opened, remove disk from beneath cap so the shampoo can breathe.


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